Facing criminal charges at any point in the year is stressful but getting arrested over the holidays can be particularly overwhelming. Something that not everyone might realize is that certain crimes tend to spike over the holiday season. This can be due to any number of factors, including increased stress around the holidays, more time off, increased alcohol or drug use and more.

Let’s take a look at some of the offenses that can see a peak during the holiday season.


DUI/DWI stops are some of the most notorious crimes over any sort of holiday, including both summer and winter holidays, as well as any long weekend. There are typically greater police presences out on highways and other high-traffic areas, given the prevalence of drinking at family gatherings and on days off. Even using prescription medication and then getting behind the wheel can lead to accusations of impairment during a traffic stop. Getting pulled over on your way home from Christmas dinner can be one of the worst ways to spend the holidays.


New Jersey saw a notable surge in crime last December, leading the country in burglaries. According to a report analyzing FBI data, the state saw a 59% increase in burglaries in December alone. While theft crimes typically increase in the summer months, one reason for the increase in crime in the winter could be due to the number of beach homes in the state. While these are typically occupied over the summer, they’re more often empty in the winter, even over the holidays. Theft crimes of any sort carry serious penalties in New Jersey, from shoplifting to felony offenses.


Lastly, accusations of disorderly conduct or assault also tend to spike during the holidays. Disagreements at holiday parties, bars or private gatherings can quickly escalate, especially when alcohol or drugs are involved. Disorderly conduct charges can result from simply being deemed a public disruption, while assault charges can become very serious depending on the circumstances and the involved parties. Both crimes can result in fines, jail time, a criminal record and more.

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